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Fantasy Baseball Week 2: 3 Up, 3 Down

Fantasy Baseball Week 2: 3 Up, 3 Down

I was on my first run in approximately 3 years earlier this week,  a very slow run, and of course thought about my 3 Up, 3 Down column. I also thought of plenty of other things like my muscle pain, sex, aging, eating better, sex, Fantasy Baseball, steak and sex again. I blame the endorphins and testosterone rush for thinking about Fantasy Baseball. I simply can’t help it.

In all honesty though, I…

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Top 10 Daily Fantasy Pitching Performances of 2013

Top 10 Daily Fantasy Pitching Performances of 2013

Charlie Blackmon’s big Friday for the Rockies got me thinking about some of the best Daily Fantasy hitting performances of 2013, so I wrote a post about it.

Unsurprisingly, Miguel Cabrera is the only player to end up in the top 10 for two different games.

Although, very surprising was the fact that a catcher led all Daily Fantasy hitting performances in 2013.

Since I was looking back, I thought…

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Fantasy Baseball Week 1: 3 Up, 3 Down

Fantasy Baseball Week 1: 3 Up, 3 Down

Fantasy Baseball Week 1 has finally arrived, and with it, the first edition of “3 Up, 3 Down.” In this weekly article, I will be focusing on six players, teams, or things that happened both positive and negative for the entire season.

I hope it is both a useful read throughout the Fantasy Baseball season, as well as entertaining.

If it raises awareness to surprising players, players on a downward…

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What the Stanford Prison Experiment and Stolen Base Totals Have in Common

What the Stanford Prison Experiment and Stolen Base Totals Have in Common

The Stanford Prison experiment was a 1971 psychological study in which 24 male Stanford students were divided into two groups—12 guards and 12 inmates—in the Stanford psychology building and was funded by the US  Office of Naval Research as an investigation into the causes of conflict between military guards and prisoners.

The experiment was supposed to last two weeks, but only lasted six days.


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5 Hitters I Couldn’t Avoid Drafting In 2014

5 Hitters I Couldn’t Avoid Drafting In 2014

Sadly my Fantasy Baseball Draft season is over, and after poring over my rosters, I found 5 hitters I couldn’t avoid drafting in 2014. There were actually more than five in many instances, but for the sake of this, I will pick out the five players who made most of my Fantasy Baseball squads this season.

When enacting the draft strategy  I used this season, it shouldn’t be surprising to be…

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2014 Starting Pitcher Rankings

2014 Starting Pitcher Rankings

Every season the Rankings can be challenging, and this year the 2014 Starting Pitcher Rankings are no different. It is a deep position by default knowing every team has 5 starters, or even more than five with Prospects waiting in the wings. This year is no different, but Major League Baseball and Fantasy Owners alike are losing plenty of pitchers with season-ending, or significant injury which is…

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2014 Relief Pitcher Rankings

2014 Relief Pitcher Rankings

When taking a closer look at our 2014 Relief Pitcher Rankings we need to keep a few things in mind. If there is one thing I have learned, especially over the past three seasons is that Closers are valuable in Fantasy Baseball, however they are also the most implosive position in baseball. Closers lose their jobs frequently, or they get traded and become Set-Up men for contending teams. Others…

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2014 Third Base Rankings

2014 Third Base Rankings

You must be drafting this weekend if you are looking at our 2014 Third Base Rankings just now. Although Draft season is nearly over, it happens to be what is oft-referred to as “Draft Weekend. This means many owners are cramming for their only, or final drafts of the season now.

Third base is what I consider to be a scarce position. Once you get past the top 2 Tiers of Third Baggers there is a…

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2014 Fantasy Baseball Positional Tiers

2014 Fantasy Baseball Positional Tiers

When it comes to Fantasy Baseball Positional Tiers, I consider myself a champion of utilizing them. One thing is for certain when it comes to talking Fantasy Sports — I am usually saying things like “He’s a Tier-2 kinda player, with Tier-1 potential” or “That guy isn’t even worth a flyer, I didn’t even put him in a tier.”

Tiers are very important, and if I am not prepping for a draft, or if I’m…

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The Best Non-Closing Relievers: Top 137

The Best Non-Closing Relievers: Top 137

When I graduated high school, I went to Regis University in Denver, CO, for one year, because I thought I wanted to play baseball.

After two weeks I not only knew that I did not want to play baseball, but that the title of “University” was a misnomer for what Regis really is: 13th grade. Don’t get me wrong, it may have been an ideal situation for some, but for me the lack of beautiful platinum…

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