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Do Rookie Hitters Decline in the Second Half?

Do Rookie Hitters Decline in the Second Half?

Do rookies perform worse after the All-Star break?

My claim over this statement is nonexistent, while the original thought of its occurrence was brought to my attention by Adam Aizer on the CBS Fantasy Baseball Podcast.

My judgment dissuaded, I thought that it would be worth the effort to look into the validity of the statement.

From the perspective of an offensive player, rookies infrequently…

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Interrogate The Industry No.8: Nick Raducanu

Interrogate The Industry No.8: Nick Raducanu

All Star week is nearly over and with it another Interrogate the Industry. This week I was able to get Nick Raducanu (@projectroto) to answer some questions. It is hard to believe that this is the eighth one already, but with so many fantastic options in the industry to interview there could be countless more.

Having a week off from fantasy baseball matchups and being able to focus on the All…

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Interrogate the Industry No. 7: Renee Miller

Interrogate the Industry No. 7: Renee Miller

I am not going to lie, this week besides Interrogate the Industry (of course), I didn’t focus much on baseball. I guess I did slightly, as my oldest started her first season in T-Ball, but other than that my mind was on other things. Besides the entertainment of watching a mob of kids charge at a ball, or someone slug a ball off the tee and then proceed to sprint with a bat down third base,…

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Interrogate the Industry No.6: Seth Klein

Interrogate the Industry No.6: Seth Klein

It has been an insane week in personal life and of course my fantasy life, but never too  busy for another Interrogate the Industry article. I had to take a week off last week, due to deadlines of Fantasy Football guides, T-Ball games, work and more, well….life stuff I suppose. Either way it is great to be back, and to have had the pleasure to interview Seth this week.  I have admired his work…

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37 Most Awesome Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools Everrr

37 Most Awesome Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools Everrr

Every summer, I like to look across the Fantasy Football landscape to find the best free Fantasy Football draft tools out there. Essentially, it has just turned into an ever-expanding list.

Even now, with all of the great tools and ideas below, I’ll still find out (through a tweet or through email or even a comment on the page below) about a great draft tool I didn’t even know about.

So share…

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2014 Fantasy Wide Receiver Rankings

2014 Fantasy Wide Receiver Rankings

As I post my 2014 Fantasy Wide Receiver rankings, I think back to the late ‘80s and most of the ‘90s, when 49ers legend Jerry Rice was one of the greatest Fantasy players ever.

I don’t just mean he was a great Fantasy pick at wide receiver, I mean he was one of the best Fantasy Football players of all time – at any position. During the ‘90s, he was a first-round pick like eight seasons in a row.…

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Interrogate the Industry No. 5: Craig Goldstein

Interrogate the Industry No. 5: Craig Goldstein

As the Interrogate the Industry series has developed I have received many comments saying it is a fun read, cool concept, and to keep it going through the football season. Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback, yes I will continue on with the Football season, although I am not sure if I will intertwine the sports, or have separate posts.

I also received some constructive criticism, which I…

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In-Season Fantasy Baseball Tips For the Dog Days of Summer

In-Season Fantasy Baseball Tips For the Dog Days of Summer

Managing a Fantasy Baseball team is unlike that of any other sport. It’s a daily grind that drags on for seven months and requires commitment, patience and discipline. Through all of your overtime work days, family vacations and sinus infections, the fantasy baseball season trudges on.

Maximizing your point potential day in and day out from April to October is the key to staying atop the…

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Homers and Whiffs: A 2014 Fantasy Baseball Update

Homers and Whiffs: A 2014 Fantasy Baseball Update

The season is a third of the way complete, and as I like to do every season it is also a great time to look at my preseason rankings to find my Homers and Whiffs so far in 2014. Finding the players I hit out of the ballpark, and of course, those I swung and missed on. I will list three of each for this particular article, and will likely update again at the 3/4 point of the Fantasy Season.


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2014 Fantasy Running Back Rankings

2014 Fantasy Running Back Rankings

Every draft season, this is one of the most popular pages on my site. The 2014 Fantasy Running Back rankings shouldn’t be any different, as most people believe that running backs are the lifeblood of any championship squad.

Sure, you’ll hear arguments that in this day and age, with the NFL leaning more and more to stronger passing games, that you need to have two elite wide receivers leading your…

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